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Downloads: Finale Glider
Glider Beta 1.7.1
Sorry for the quick chain-releases everyone, but I want to sneak this out before it causes any more annoyance. There's a bug in Tripwire that can cause it to cache the wrong fingerprint definition and trip out when not needed. This only occurs if you switch from old servers to new servers (such as China to USA) without restarting Glider - and the net effect is that Glider restarts, but also confuses our server a bit.

This bug is fixed, so if you were seeing random trips sometimes when re-logging across servers, it will not happen with 1.7.1.
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.7.1
Hinzugefügt am: 25.09.08 Downloads: 4285 Download (1.96)
Glider Beta 1.7.0
Ok, we have officially deployed 1.7.0, which features mostly changes to custom class stuff... and the huge bug that kept us from updating Tripwire remotely on the new Warden update.

It may still trip a few times in the coming days, as we haven't seen everything, but it'll be easily checked and tweaked here if it happens again. And, really, since Hamut did the new stuff, I'm absolutely sure there is no chance for error...
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.7.0
Hinzugefügt am: 22.09.08 Downloads: 1015 Download (1.95)
Glider Beta 1.6.8
es, we're rather busy lately, but it seems to be how we always go about launching big new functionality at the same time as huge game patches that move everything around internally...

Glider 1.6.8 fixes a small number of very bad bugs with 1.6.6, so we recommend updating. It's also a lot more forgiving of custom classes referencing keys that do not exist or are not filled out, so you can tell what's going on.
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.6.8
Hinzugefügt am: 22.07.08 Downloads: 1783 Download (1.77)
Glider Beta 1.6.6
My apologies for the bumpy 1.6.4 release. I'd use the reason that things are a bit pressured here with the patch and legal action, but it's no excuse to release bad software.

We're reving to 1.6.6 to get a few important fixes in, most importantly the new help file that I didn't triple-check during final testing. It clears up a lot of the questions and issues with the updated key system.
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.6.6
Hinzugefügt am: 17.07.08 Downloads: 862 Download (1.77)
Glider 1.6.2
Zeit für eine neue Finale Version mit sicherheitsrelevantem Update für Client Patch 2.4.2
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.6.2
Hinzugefügt am: 23.05.08 Downloads: 2311 Download (1.75)
Glider 1.6.0
So mit dem neuen Patch kam auch direkt eine neue Glider Version die einen kleinen Fehler des Chat auslesens behebt.
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.6.0
Hinzugefügt am: 14.05.08 Downloads: 1152 Download (1.74)
Glider 1.5.9

So mal wieder Zeit für ein Final Release.
Änderungen sind ja aus den Betas hinreichend bekannt.
Trotzdem nochmal alle Punkte in der gesamt Übersicht:

* Big: automatic mailing added, send stuff to your main easier now!
* Mage: fixed looping bug with conjure mana stone if inventory full.
* Shaman: fixed default key for Stormstrike, should hang less.
* Added tons of objects and methods for custom class developers, see 1.5.8 beta thread and ndoc.
* Added NetCheck logic to failover to other server, much more stable now.
* Added player coordinate display on Profiles tab, click it for quick copy to Windows clipboard.
* Added Z coordinates to all locations. Re-create any profiles that you want Z coordinates for.
* Tweaked
vendor finding code to use starts-with instead of exact match on NPC
name, so you can enter "Blag" and Glider will find "Blagnorg
Stoneeater", etc.
* Tweaked startup code to log Elite status more exactly (PayPal sub, CC sub, pass, lifetime, etc).
* Tweaked glide start logic to only focus Glider if background and game is currently selected.
* Tweaked glide start to do vendor WP if it needs to vend at start, can lead to trickery with PGEdit.
* Fixed autolog to handle new realm select wizard from client patch 2.4.0.
* Fixed nodename to read properly with client patch 2.4.0, Glider logs herbs/ore that it's going for properly.
* Fixed incorrect year in 1.5.7 release notes, shows 2008 now.
* Removed some busy debug entries that were not needed, should help stop Glider.log from growing insanely.

Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.5.9
Hinzugefügt am: 06.05.08 Downloads: 1241 Download (1.73)
Glider 1.5.7
So hier nun die Finale 1.5.7. Leider etwas verspätet wegen FTP Problemen die aber nun Gott sei Dank behoben sind.
Alle Änderungen wurden hier in den Beta News bereits erwähnt:
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: 1.5.7
Hinzugefügt am: 30.01.08 Downloads: 5092 Download (1,71)
Glider 1.5.5
Eine neue Final Version die einen gravierenden Bug mit Client Patch 2.3 beseitigt
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: Glider Beta 1.5.5 RC
Hinzugefügt am: 19.11.07 Downloads: 3699 Download (1,17)
Glider 1.5.3
Die wohl längste Beta Phase neigt sich dem Ende.
Es ist nun an der Zeit eine neue Final zu präsentieren.
Alle Änderungen könnt ihr den Beta Posts entnehmen.
Lizenz: Demo O/S: 2000 / XP / Vista Version: Glider 1.5.3
Hinzugefügt am: 24.10.07 Downloads: 1794 Download (1.17)
Glider 1.5.1
Um Glider nutzen zu können wird Microsoft .Net Framework ab Version 2.0 benötigt.
Um festzustellen ob es sich bereits auf dem Rechner befindet, öffne in der Systemsteuerung "Software" und durchsuche die Einträge.
Sollte es nicht vorhanden sein findest du es bei
Lizenz: Demo O/S: Win 2000,XP Vista Version: 1.5.1
Hinzugefügt am: 30.06.07 Downloads: 3485 Download ()
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